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Legally Branded – An essential guide for Business owners

Do you want to turn your business into a successful brand? Due to the increasingly competitive times we live in, achieving an effective brand is often the way to create a solid business. Legally Branded highlights why it is vital to consider intellectual property issues early on when branding a business. No business is too small to disregard IP and brand issues.

Branding and IP is a minefield for small business owners, so the book gives essential guidance, in an accessible way, on how to build a successful brand in the information age, choosing legally effective names. Ideas, brands, websites, logos, names and so on – are “intangibles” that you can’t feel or touch. They are more prevalent in our digital society. After reading the book you will know what steps to take early on in the creative process to secure the IP rights in intangibles. They are potentially extremely valuable assets of the business. It’s equally important to avoid infringing on other people’s IP rights so the book equips you to avoid some fundamental mistakes.

This book will be useful to business owners wherever situated. Don’t be put off because it is written by a UK solicitor. Most of the book explains the general approach to intangibles that applies virtually universally throughout the world, and draws on case studies featuring big brands such as Apple and Microsoft, who are both US based.

Armed with the information in this book, entrepreneurs and business owners will be better placed to understand the risks and opportunities, so as to set their business up on solid foundations, ready for success and bullet proof to problems that may come their way.

What Others Have Said About Legally Branded

So far Legally Branded has received some powerful endorsements from experts in the field of business, branding and IP, including Mike Harris, the founder of First Direct and Egg Banking, and renowned intellectual property advocate Jeremy Philips. Their endorsements along with many others may be read in the product description of the book on Amazon. Also, since its release on 11 September, Legally Branded has received a number of 5 star reviews which can also be viewed on Amazon.

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I am providing an offer where those who buy my book ‘Legally Branded’ will not only benefit from information on the law that is essential for all business owners. Additionally, you will also benefit from a whole host of bonuses that will further help you to create or sustain a successful and growing business.

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Some entrepreneurs may miss out through not knowing how best to protect their ideas. This book is a must have for any budding entrepreneur who wants to understand how to benefit from their ideas.
Mike Harris
Founding CEO of First Direct and Egg Banking

Handsomely presented, and with a manageable ‘feel’ to it that gives it an aura of accessibility, Legally Branded practises what it preaches: it sends out a clear, concise message to its business readers as to what problems they are going to face and what options they face if they want to avoid or solve them. Seasoned in navigating the choppy waters where innovative ideas, small businesses and the internet converge, Shireen Smith knows her subject — and her readers – and Legally Branded gives them fi rm and valuable guidance.
Jeremy Philips
Founder of the IPKat blog, and Professorial Fellow at Queen Mary IP Institute

An invaluable reference for any entrepreneur, this book is practical rather than academic and will change the way you look at your business. Have it at the ready for when you launch products, brands, websites, or come up with the next big thing.
Daniel Priestley
Bestselling author of ‘Key Person of Influence’ and CEO of Triumphant Events

We’ve had our fair share of difficulties navigating the tricky waters of branding.This kind of guide is exactly what entrepreneurs need.
Will Critchlow
Co-founder of Distilled, and writer for the Distilled and SEOmoz blogs

A refreshingly written guide through the maze (and minefield) of brand related law.
David Abrahams
Managing Director, Brand Mediation

Stunning all inclusive solution for any entrepreneur needing a comprehensive briefing on branding. A ‘must’ for any start-up.
Pauline Bickerton
Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School and Serial Entrepreneur

An excellent introduction both to branding and brand promotion and also to the law which surrounds it. There are sections on owning the copyright in your logo and on trade mark registration, topics which are becoming increasingly relevant in an online age.
Tim Kevan
Creator of BabyBarista blog and books and Guardian writer



Bank to the Future

This online program contains everything you need to raise finance for your business through traditional forms of finance like Angel and venture capital finance through to new forms of finance like crowdfunding, crowdinvesting and crowdlending. The online training is over 100 worksheets, workbooks and video delivered by Simon Dixon, Darren Shirlaw, Daniel Priestley, venture capitalists Luke Hakes, Nicholas Charles on tax planning, Kelly Clifford on financial forecasting and more.

Win on the Web, be creative in the Cloud

Alphapoint is offering a one month trial of Office 365 and expert consultancy which must be claimed before 30 November. You have help to get up and running so you win on the web, using the Cloud. Microsoft’s Office 365 service can help you work smarter and save money. Making enterprise grade IT solutions available to smaller businesses through the Cloud, means as a 365 client you can work from anywhere and collaborate with colleagues, partners and clients. The economies of scale it brings will cut your IT costs by up to 80% while giving you access to email, document management, messaging and online meetings.

The Idea Generator

Use Apple & Google’s advanced innovation techniques to create ideas worth millions. Online Webinar shows how… The Myth is that an inspirational idea will arrive out of nowhere and transform your business and life. The reality is that the best innovations, and break-through concepts arrive through proven creative design techniques. Sadly, top design consultancies charge a small fortune to facilitate these, so these techniques have been unreachable for entrepreneurs and SME’s, until now…The webinar delivers proven design techniques, that were previously only available to large enterprise level businesses. Apple, Google, Dyson and many other household names are using these techniques to get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors, isn’t it time that you did the same?

The 5 Deadliest Social Media Sins

Although many businesses are now aware of the importance of social media and are trying to seek out new ways to engage, often they don’t understand how best to create an effective social media strategy. Mistakes inevitably lead to the business ultimately not benefitting from all the hard work put into social media. This beautifully illustrated eBook will highlight the social media sins to avoid so your business uses social media platforms to their full advantage and truly reaps the rewards social media can bring.

Living a Laptop Lifestyle

Follow the ‘Five Essential Steps To Success’ as you read an intriguing and compelling guide for creating your own online business. These Free chapters are carefully composed to suit the budding entrepreneur; covering the nitty gritty of getting started building your own online business.

The 7 Costly Mistakes Business People Make When Trying to Make Money from their Big Idea

Intangible assets are often overlooked and their value is not well understood. This can lead to failure to protect, or loss of IP rights that are integral to a business’s success. How can you protect what you never knew you had in the first place? This eBook helps business owners avoid common mistakes, and to stay one step ahead.

77 Key Tips for Public Speaking

Executive Solutions Training offers you a free copy of their ebook “77 Key Tips for Public Speaking”. Filled with practical and valuable information whether your presentation is 60 seconds or 60 minutes. Experienced speakers as well as those brand new to making business presentations will find useful tips to take their next presentation up several notches.

The Nine Translation Slip-ups to Avoid

The quality of your translations is a direct reflection of you and your business. Read our brochure to avoid the most common translation mistakes in order to run your translation projects smoothly and effectively. These mistakes cost money and time and can damage your brand.

What’s the difference that makes the difference?

The Branding Workshop offers workshops and strategic business advice to enable organisations of all sizes to develop their business and grow their brands. This excerpt from their new workbook: “What’s the difference that makes the difference?” offers valuable insights into the business habits of successful brands.

The Secrets to Successfully Buying Branded Promotional Business Gifts

The Secrets to Successful Buying of; Branded Promotional Business Gifts and Bespoke Own Label Branded Products to Avoid Head-Ache and Heart-Ache!
Karl Pearsall was a buyer of promotional merchandise long before he became a professional distributor in 1999. Here Karl lets you into the secrets of procurement success and merchandise heaven with these 14 vital Guidelines.

7 Common Mistakes and Tips To Avoid Them

Kelly Clifford, Author of Profit Rocket and Founder of Profit in Focus, explores the seven common mistakes many small business owners make when it comes to managing the financial side of their business. Some commentary is provided around each mistake together with tips to help prevent you from making the same mistake in your business.