Monthly Archives: October 2012

Legally Branded Book Campaign

Legally Branded has now been out for almost a month and has so far received a number of five star reviews on Amazon.

The book has essential, ‘need to know’ information for every small business owner or prospective entrepreneur.  It fills a much needed gap in the market by being written in an accessible way.  Therefore,  Azrights is launching a widespread Internet campaign on October 23 to help alert business owners to the existence of the book.

We are looking for potential partners to assist us.  If you are interested please get in touch.  You stand to benefit from a wealth of exposure from potentially thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs.  More importantly, by letting your contacts know about the book, you will be doing them a huge favour as the book could save them a lot of money, and help them avoid some serious mistakes.  It should not be assumed that the legal aspects of brands and online business are known by designers.  The law is not their area of expertise, and many of them expect SMEs to consult their lawyers on the legal aspects of branding or websites.

Partnering with us

All you have to do to partner with us is to agree to send one email on 23 October and to provide a free bonus for those buying the book on the day. The bonus gifts should be aimed at helping business owners to have the best chance at success after buying Legally Branded. If you want to see how the campaign will work and what bonus gifts our other partners are offering visit our bonus webpage.

Ideas for the bonus gift you could offer include:
• eBook
• Discount coupon
• Trial subscription
• Interview
• Audio recording
• Webinar
• Video clip/lesson

Your participation will be seen by thousands who visit our web page to find out about the book and partners’ bonuses. So, if the quality of your free bonus is good, you will probably also attract a number of new clients. It’s a real win-win opportunity.

To put yourself forward to participate all you need to do is fill out this form detailing your business name and, ideally, the bonus gift you would like to offer.  If you don’t know what you will offer yet, just indicate this.