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                                    Meet Shireen Smith

Shireen is a business lawyer with a specialism in intellectual property, trademarks in particular. She is also a trained journalist. In 2005 she founded Azrights, a law firm that offers the A-Z of IP rights, hence the name. As well as offering the usual range of legal services, such as trade mark registration, and drafting agreements, Shireen’s keen interest in marketing and brand, led to Azrights introducing a unique brand strategy and identity service, Brandstorm.  Shireen has also authored 2 books, Legally Branded and Intellectual Property Revolution.

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Intellectual Property Revolution

Shireen Smith brings her years of experience as an IP lawyer with specialist knowledge of the digital playing field to highlight the new threats and opportunities of IP in today’s global marketplace. Combining comprehensive coverage of all areas relating to IP with real case studies of IP in action

Legally Branded

Legally Branded explains that a brand essentially involves having a reputation for delivering on a certain promise. For a small business it could mean being the ‘go to’ source for something that the business uniquely provides. We live in increasingly competitive times, and achieving brand status is often the only way to attract enough business.

Azrights Solicitors

Azrights Solicitors

Azrights is an award winning, niche Intellectual Property (IP) law firm advising on the A to Z of intellectual property (IP) rights and related business law – hence the name. Our services cover every area of IP (copyright, trademarks, patents, designs, confidential information, and privacy law, to name the main ones). We are a one stop shop for all your intellectual property and commercial legal needs.

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