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You can change the world

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Steve Jobs’ powerful message in this video is that essentially anyone of us has the potential to change the world.

As Jobs’ says on how to avoid a limited life

“life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact. That is that everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build things that other people can use.”

We can all change and influence the things around us, including legal services.

What do lawyers think about this? Do you believe you can change the world in your own small way?

Reinvent law

A program that believes lawyers can indeed change the world is Reinvent law, initiated by Michigan State University. Their mission statement says:

we believe
can change the world

but to change the world
we must first change ourselves

it is time to ReInvent

the market for legal services
is undergoing serious transition,
presenting both possibility and peril

we believe
four pillars of innovation
will save our industry
{ Law + Tech + Design + Delivery }TM

cultivating these pillars is our goal at the
ReInvent Law LaboratoryTM

if you think like we do,
we would love to work with you

I am inspired by their mission because it expresses something I’ve always believed myself. I’ve attended their London conferences these past few years and watched a whole community building up around legal innovation.

The problem of how to make changes in our own practice area for the client’s benefit has been constantly there at the back of my mind as a backdrop to the day to day firefighting involved in running a law firm.

I’ve got ideas which I’d like to implement.  However, to pursue the opportunities that exist for innovating in our field of practice, I must first free up some time.

Seeking an experienced IP/IT lawyer

Azrights has been growing steadily, and needs someone to help it to continue to grow and flourish while I focus more on introducing the innovations that the market needs.

I am looking for a like-minded experienced lawyer who is seeking a new challenge – perhaps someone contemplating setting up their own business. The right individual will be experienced enough to manage a team, and will understand the need to run our operations superbly efficiently so as to better deliver customer service.

Do you know a world class, 5+ PQE Intellectual Property tech lawyer who might want to join us at Azrights? The number of years’ post qualification is not set in stone. A lot depends on the individual – whether they have had another career before embarking on a legal career, done courses like MBAs, and had other relevant life experience.

We’re hoping to appoint someone early in 2015. The right person must be tech savvy, and a great communicator.

If that’s you, or you know someone who might be interested please send me an email at If you have any ideas or suggestions for me please leave a comment on this blog.

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