Thank You For Attending Tweet Up on 15 August

Thank You For Attending Tweet Up on 15 August

First and foremost, a big huge THANK YOU from @azrights and me,to all of the attendees who came to the #TweetingLegals tweet up on 15 August.

@iptechshark, @AjeetMinhasGTB, @Alphapoint, @andrewneligan, @Baby_Barrister, @ben_hoff, @ChristianUncut, @chris_rodgers, @copyrightgirl, @DeferoLaw, @filemot, @gamerlaw, @Greggio_f, @James_Sweeting, @JaneClemetson, @jezhop, @keithhardie, @kevinpoulter, @michaelscutt, @MilenaBurieva, @NewLeafLaw, @oohsonia, @PaulHajek, @pensionlawyeruk, @Pupillageblog, @RalphOAnderson, @robinjfisher, @Sharma_Co, @SundeepBhatia2, @TMT_Lawyer.  There were a few whose names I did not get, so am sorry if I have missed your name out.  If you let me know I’ll add it here.

It was a good chance to catch up with the tweeps I’d met before and to meet new ones.   For one person’s perspective on Tweet ups read Joanna Goodman who has written a blog about the TweetingLegals’ event.

It has been so encouraging seeing the interest there is within the legal community for a regular tweet up.  When you manage to get a good crowd together, even in August, you know there is demand for a forum where everyone can relax and engage with each other and take a break from the virtual world.  So I hope to see an increase in the rate of RSPV’s for the next event in September.

It was interesting to meet TweetingLegals and learn about the resources and services they are providing within their specialized areas.  It was also stimulating to hear other people’s insights, and hopefully some people got a few ideas for developing and growing their own careers and businesses.

Thanks to all for contributing £5 towards the food bill. This was more than enough for food, and we were also able to buy drinks for everyone too.  There is a small surplus which we intend to use for a fab TweetingLegals Christmas party, which there seemed an appetite for. tweet-up-pic

tweet-up-picI hope to see many of the same and some new faces too at the next tweet up.  We’ve scheduled this for 26 September, at the same venue – (The Knights Templar 95, Chancery Lane, WC2A 1DT ).

Please let me have any comments or feedback.  Following feedback from previous tweet ups, we laid on badges, and took contributions for food, and reserved a separate area of the pub (in the balcony area) for ourselves.  So, what else would you like to see to improve the Tweet ups?

Be sure to RSPV so we get an accurate note of attendees.  We need this information in order to secure a separate area in the pub.  It would also be worthwhile joining our Group if you haven’t already done so, so you hear about future events – Join Here.

I look forward to meeting you at the next Tweet up.  In the meantime, Happy Tweeting!

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