Digital IP – Intellectual Property Revolution

Digital IP – Intellectual Property Revolution

It’s almost exactly 3 years since I finished my first book, Legally Branded. At the time, I thought: never again will I write another book. Yet here I am embarking on the final edit of my second book, ‘Intellectual Property Revolution’ out in mid-October.

Given the hours which go into producing a book, you may well wonder why someone as time poor as me would want to devote so much of the little time they do have, to writing yet more books.

Legally Branded First Cover

Certainly, the process of writing Legally Branded was painful. I’d imagined that writing a book would be similar to writing blog posts, or articles, only more extensive. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When you are writing 40,000-80,000 words, structuring a book presents many challenges. Even now when I look at the book, I wish I had put some of the content in different places. Yet I had countless restructures, and rewrites before the book was finally done.

After much pain, I eventually managed to finish the book with the help of an editor and a copy editor. Here is the book as it now looks on Amazon.

Legally Branded Updated Cover

My current book, Intellectual Property Revolution, was challenging in a different way. The structuring wasn’t too bad at all. Working out what I wanted to say was the problem with this one. I was troubled after writing Legally Branded, by the realisation that the lack of awareness of IP in the entrepreneur community was even greater than I had initially realised. So I knew I wanted to write another book, but just didn’t know how to avoid a samey book. It took 18 months, and a number of iterations before I became clear about my message for my next book.

The reason I put myself through book writing is mainly that the very process of writing a book really helps clarify my thinking. I have been able to ponder about IP and wider issues much more profoundly, and question things as a result of writing books. I’ve also been able to create new products following the insights I’ve gained from writing.

And a book is a fantastic tool for spreading your message to far more people than you could otherwise reach. IP is too little understood in the world of business. I want to change that – change the world in my own small way. My vision is a world in which awareness of IP is so heightened that it is the norm for every business to take it into account early on, just as people now take account of property law if they are buying or selling land.

I doubt whether there is a more powerful way to impact the world than by communicating through a book. I’m hopeful that my latest book will explain the significance of IP in clearer, more simple terms so anyone who picks up the book and reads it, thoroughly understands the relevance of IP to their business.

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