How To: Producing Corporate Video

How To: Producing Corporate Video

Producing corporate videos for your business could make all the difference to whether you end up with a successful end product or not. So, I thought it might be interesting for anyone thinking of producing an animated video for their business to know about the process we went through to get our latest video which Iā€™m very happy with.

The process of producing an animated video, especially one for commercial use, is not so straight forward.

The biggest challenge is to write a good script dealing with the subject matter you want to feature. In this case, intellectual property (IP) is an intangible, which means it is not something that is easy to depict. We needed to make sure we communicated the concept clearly even though it may not be a subject that is easily represented visually.

We first distilled the core elements of what we wanted to say and created a narrative around it. I wanted to demonstrate that (IP) and business are inextricably linked, whether you are starting a new business, building a brand identity or launching a new product or service worldwide. Furthermore, it needed to demonstrate that IP is more relevant in the digital economy than it has ever been before. Additionally, we had to be brief and stick to something short ā€“ less than one and a half minutes.

Creating images to represent complicated concepts can be difficult. So, the best way forward is to hone down on what it is you are trying to say before worrying about what it will look like.

The Script

Creating a script that would hang the concepts and images together is the backbone of the video, and we went through many iterations before we were happy with the outcome.

It needed to wrap what we were trying to say in digestible form. Consequently, it had to be relatable and compelling otherwise viewers would be lost, or worse, bored.

In creating the script, the best course of action was to keep it simple and short. We discussed the script on several occasions with Bernherd who was invaluable in guiding us to end up with a good copy. The general guidance from the animators helped us understand what would work and what would not.

My advice to anyone would be not to rush this step. Do expect to go through a number of drafts, as videos need to be visually engaging.

The Storyboard

This is where the creativity flows. Once the script has been finalized, the next challenge is turning those concepts into images. In this case, the Azrights video focuses on creating relatable imagery like an office environment, laptops and a globe ā€“ all of which are not particularly abstract.

It is better to veer away from the visual metaphors if you are trying to communicate a clear message, especially if its business orientated. Whilst abstract imagery can be visually engaging, you want to avoid losing your message along the way and risk viewers understanding less. So it is important that you to strike a good balance.

Although the video was intended as a corporate video about our services, as I was writing my new book, Intellectual Property Revolution, at the time we were going through the script, it ended up that we tied the law firm and the book closely together in the script, so that the video actually works as a video about the book too.

The Video

Once you have sorted out the script, the animators create sketches for each frame. Your task is to carefully analyse each frame and shot to check whether the message comes across coherently. Should certain points be emphasized more or less? For example in our video, we have lines that come out and point to some of the papers on the desk describing what those papers are supposed to represent. Depicting an infringement claim, damages or even a takedown notice is not so easy without the help of some wording.

Make sure that you go through the video with your team, and asking the developers for their suggestions will also help improve the final product. After all, their creative input is what is being commissioned. We found the feedback from an external person expressing their views on something which they are not all too familiar with invaluable at conveying the message in a way which would be clear to everyone.

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