About the author

About the Author
Shireen Smith, entrepreneurial lawyer, intellectual property expert,
author, and Founder of Azrights Solicitors

Shireen qualified as a solicitor 25 years ago and founded Azrights Solicitors in 2005. Azrights specialises in the a-z of intellectual property rights, the internet and related commercial and business matters. It helps businesses stand out, bring their ideas to life, commercialise and protect their intangible assets whilst helping them avoid infringing the on the rights of others.

Over the years Shireen has gained a breadth of experience in both commerce and industry helping startups, SMEs and International organisations through her time at Coopers & Lybrand, international law firm Eversheds, and as in-house lawyer at Reuters. With wide ranging experience in commercial subjects like tax, employment law, media and technology law, she further developed her expertise and obtained a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law at London University’s Queen Mary and Westfield Commercial Law.

Communicating clearly is one of Shireen’s most important values, and she has employed it to make business and law more accessible by publishing quality information on her websites, blogs and in her books. As a cited author, she has had numerous articles published including by the Society for Computers and Law, Caritas, Bloomsbury’s QFinance, and a chapter for Bloomsbury’s Reputation Management: Building and Protecting your Company’s Profile in a Digital World.

In 2012 Shireen authored Legally Branded which distilled the importance of law in branding. In 2015 she furthered her mission to raise awareness about the central relevance of IP in our global marketplace, and has authored the The Intellectual Property Revolution, a comprehensive guide on how to successfully manage intellectual property assets in a digital economy. Her objective is to help businesses help realise the value of their IP.

You can find articles about intellectual property and the law on her other sites in her network:

www.azrights.com – IP, IT, Commercial, Business and all things digital

www.azrightstrademarkregistration.co.uk – a site dedicated to trademark registration.