About the author

About the Author
Shireen Smith, entrepreneurial lawyer, intellectual property expert,
author, and Founder of Azrights Solicitors

Shireen is the founder of Azrights Solicitors, a respected Intellectual Property and Commercial law firm based in London. Before setting up in business she worked as an in house lawyer for a blue chip company, and then in the IP department of an international law firm.

Having built up the Azrights business from the ground up, with no existing client base, (she started Azrights after a number of years’ absence from the workplace bringing up her two daughters), means that Shireen completely understands the entrepreneurial journey and its peaks and troughs. She is well placed to help SMEs to start, build and grow their businesses.

Shireen draws on her experience in business, and using a unique approach developed over a number of years, she advises clients on how to create, identify, protect, and defend their IP, turning their ideas for new business concepts, products or services, into protectable IP. Building a business on strong legal and IP foundations is critical to creating value in business.

During the time she was a full-time mother to her young daughters, Shireen further developed her wide ranging experience in commercial subjects like tax, employment law, media and technology law, by obtaining a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property at London University’s Queen Mary and Westfield Commercial Law.

Raising awareness of IP is an important value of Shireen’s, hence why in 2012, she  authored Legally Branded which explained the crucial role of IP and the law when branding a business. In 2015 she wrote another book Intellectual Property Revolution, to emphasise the importance of intellectual property in a digital economy. She is committed to communicating the central role of IP to entrepreneurship ventures.

Shireen’s objective in business is to offer the services that the market needs, which is why Azrights has been providing fixed fee services for many years, and focuses on helping online businesses who need lawyers with the necessary understanding of the internet, and technology, as well as IP, to support them. Shireen is currently working on a new offering to increase access to IP. Her mission is to make IP affordable to SMEs, and sought after by all entrepreneurial businesses.

If you’re interested to hear more about the new beta service being released by Shireen in early 2018, (note it’s not being offered by Azrights, as the service will not be a regulated legal service) then sign up to receive her updates, and find out more.

Shireen also blogs at www.azrights.com – IP, IT, Commercial, Business and all things digital