How To Promote Connectedness Among Your Remote Working Team

There are undoubted benefits to having the team working remotely. As a business, it’s been the best decision to move everyone to remote working, so it’s unsurprising that there are so many companies out there that thrive on remote working. Just a few examples include: Basecamp: I’ve already highlighted Remote: Office Not Required by David...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | October 1, 2017

The Value Of Working Remotely

With all the hype surrounding remote working and the number of technological tools available to enable collaborative working, it would appear remote working is still a controversial and complicated topic, with a lot of people keen to list the cons first. I outlined our experience of remote working at Azrights in my last blog, and...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | September 21, 2017

Does Working Remotely Work?

With distant memories of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer putting an end to remote working at the company back in 2013 I was unsure what the latest thinking on remote working was when I took the plunge and moved the business to remote working for all. Doing some quick Google research seemed to validate my decision. The...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | September 14, 2017

Should You Be Ignoring Business Advice And Creating Your Own Strategy For Success?

It comes as no great surprise to me that a recent report by the Office for National Statistics showed 4.7 million self-employed people in the UK in the first quarter of 2016. With the freedom and benefit that breaking free from traditional working chains affords, there is no doubt that number will continue to rise....Read More »

By Shireen Smith | September 3, 2017

How To: Producing Corporate Video

Producing corporate videos for your business could make all the difference to whether you end up with a successful end product or not. So, I thought it might be interesting for anyone thinking of producing an animated video for their business to know about the process we went through to get our latest video which...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | October 9, 2015

Transforming the Law – 15 years on from publication of Richard Susskind’s book

In his book, Transforming the Law, Richard Susskind highlights how in the past, lawyers used to advise on general business matters, whereas they have increasingly assumed a more restricted role, and have tended not to stray from the purely legal. He contrasts accountants who have greatly broadened their scope of services, such that auditing and...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | July 30, 2015

Digital IP – Intellectual Property Revolution

It’s almost exactly 3 years since I finished my first book, Legally Branded. At the time, I thought: never again will I write another book. Yet here I am embarking on the final edit of my second book, ‘Intellectual Property Revolution’ out in mid-October. Given the hours which go into producing a book, you may...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | July 14, 2015
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