Speeches at the Legally Branded Book Launch – British Library 11 September 2012

The Legally Branded book launch at the British Library is now behind us. The night was successful with attendees getting a chance to network, take part in our quiz (extended online version here) and listen to speeches by Shireen Smith, the author of the book, Jeremy Philips founder of the IPKat and George Hadwick to...Read More »

By Stefano Debolini | September 13, 2012

Malware – Your Reputation On the Line

While this post relates to an issue with the website ip-brands.com, that site was displaying a malware warning, and so we opted to post this article as many might have otherwise have been put off reading it. The malware issue on ip-brands.com has however been addressed, though at the time of writing Google had not...Read More »

By Stefano Debolini | September 12, 2012

The Legally Branded Book Launch

Legally Branded has now been released, and we have had a good time celebrating its launch. Last night was the official Book launch which took place at the British Library. Months have been spent planning and organising the event. There have been so many details to attend to, such as who to invite, than I...Read More »

By Shireen Smith |

Legally Branded Virtual Launch Party

At Azrights it is all go getting ready for the launch of Legally Branded which is now under a week away! Along with the fast approaching launch comes our exciting virtual launch which will take place on September 12th, the day after the book’s release. The day is due to be packed with fun things...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | September 6, 2012

Legally Branded- The Book Writing Process

I have finally finished writing Legally Branded, and it feels so nice to hold it in my hands at long last. Unless you’ve written a book you would not believe how much effort goes into producing one. There is a huge amount to learn about book publishing as I mentioned in my post on Azrights.  Early...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | July 26, 2012

Permission marketing and networking

A friend recently made a general comment on a social media site that I’ve sometimes heard voiced. She was expressing surprise about being added to people’s mailing list without her permission. As she put it “You may be a friend, you may have the most interesting thing in the world to share…still let me choose....Read More »

By Shireen Smith | July 10, 2012

Paper.li and copyright infringement – Meltwater for everyone?

The Internet has always been about sharing information. Blogging, RSS feeds, social networks and other social media have added another dimension, and the practice of finding interesting content online and sharing it with contents is more prevalent than ever.  However, the internet is also a crucial publishing platform for many businesses, for whom controlling use...Read More »

By Shireen Smith | May 18, 2012
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