About Shireen Smith 


Shireen is an entrepreneurial lawyer and director of Azrights International Ltd, and founder of the separate law firm, Azrights Solicitors, a respected boutique Intellectual Property and Commercial law firm in London.

She is an experienced entrepreneur having built up the Azrights business from the ground up.

Drawing on her experience in business, branding and business law, Shireen helps marketing agencies, SMEs, design agencies, accountants, law firms, and entrepreneur groups to access the support they need in business, branding and intellectual property.

Shireen holds a Masters’ degree in Intellectual Property from London University’s Queen Mary and Westfield Commercial Law Unit. She has been raising awareness of IP since 2012 when she authored Legally Branded which explains the crucial role of IP and the law when branding a business. In 2015 she wrote Intellectual Property Revolution, to mark the importance of intellectual property in a digital economy. She is committed to communicating the central role of IP to entrepreneurship ventures and enabling them to protect their IP by implementing good business processes.

Shireen's objective in business has always been to offer the services that the market needs. Consequently, her two businesses between them offer education in branding, intellectual property, and IP risk management, as well as wider business, and branding education, and support, as well as legal services to protect IP, such as through trademark registration. Her specialist area is trademarks.

Shireen’s mission is to bring together the disciplines of IP and branding which currently operate quite separately, to the disadvantage of clients. Her vision is for multi-disciplinary teams to come together when developing brands and intellectual property so that SME clients can succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Shireen also blogs at www.azrights.com – IP, IT, Commercial, Business and all things digital.

Shireen Smith

Business & IP Lawyer & Coach

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