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Shireen is an entrepreneurial lawyer and director of Azrights International Ltd, an eLearning company where she provides online courses and mentoring services. Azrights International Ltd is a separate business to the law firm Shireen founded in 2005, Azrights Solicitors, a respected boutique Intellectual Property and Commercial law firm in London.

Shireen is an experienced business owner having built up the Azrights legal services business from the ground up, starting with no existing client base.  She is therefore well placed to help SMEs to start, build and grow their businesses.

Realising that the legal services industry is changing rapidly, Shireen saw a need to provide options for businesses.  Those who want a traditional “Done for You” service will have access to the A-Z of services in Intellectual Property and Commercial law from Azrights solicitors to obtain advice, registration, drafting and dispute resolution services to identify, protect, and defend their IP.

On the other hand, businesses wanting to better understand IP in order to manage their legal spend, or that want to do some or all of their own legal work have access to Azrights International Ltd’s online courses giving them know-how tools. The courses often have step by step instructions enabling businesses to do their own legal work. This can always be topped up with legal advisory services from Azrights Solicitors when needed.  An alternative option is a group mentoring service.

In the new legal landscape, it’s a case of horses for courses. There is no one size fits all. Drawing on her experience in business and law, Shireen aims to help businesses, law firms, branding agencies, accountants and others to access the support they need.

Turning ideas into protectable IP assets is critically important to successfully building a valuable business on strong legal and IP foundations. IP is in fact best business practice. It isn’t an esoteric subject that only applies to certain businesses. It is relevant to every business.

The motivation to set up her own business came from a desire for more control over her own life. She wanted the freedom to work flexibly and bring up her two daughters.  She fell in love with entrepreneurship as it’s a constant journey of self-development and learning. Shireen can’t imagine ever wanting to retire and stop working as she loves being in business. Her daughters have grown up, are in successful careers of their own, and have left home.

The desire for flexibility and freedom is an important value of Shireen’s, and that’s what she offers to solicitors and other lawyers who may want to combine their work with their lifestyle – the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. Being chained to an office and set working hours is stifling. Nor is it necessary for delivering excellent services to clients.

In 2016 the Azrights business began making radical changes and dispensed with its physical offices so that now the business is transformed. It is now entirely virtual. There is a much greater reliance on technology, even though the business has always been paperless. Operating a virtual business means Shireen is particularly well placed to help online businesses who need lawyers with the necessary understanding of the internet, and technology, as well as IP, to support them.

Shireen holds a Masters’ degree in Intellectual Property from London University’s Queen Mary and Westfield Commercial Law Unit. She believes it is essential to raise awareness of IP, hence why in 2012, she authored Legally Branded which explained the crucial role of IP and the law when branding a business. In 2015 she wrote another book Intellectual Property Revolution, to emphasise the importance of intellectual property in a digital economy. She is committed to communicating the central role of IP to entrepreneurship ventures.

Shireen's objective in business has always been to offer the services that the market needs, and the market needs access to online courses for a variety of reasons, be it to train team members in the essentials of IP, or to learn more about IP in order to reduce legal costs and obtain a more complete service from legal professionals. Her mission is to make IP affordable to SMEs and she sees this combination of online access to resources and education with traditional legal services via a law firm as the most likely way to achieve that aim.

Shireen also blogs at www.azrights.com – IP, IT, Commercial, Business and all things digital


Shireen Smith

Business & IP Lawyer & Coach

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