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Shireen Smith is an intellectual property lawyer and business advisor specialising in trademarks and brands, and founder of IP law firm Azrights.

Her interest in business and entrepreneurship led her to in-house positions at Coopers & Lybrand and then Reuters. She briefly returned to private practice, working at the international law firm Eversheds while raising her two daughters.

Shireen is also a trained journalist and writes extensively about brands, business and IP on her various blogs. She has a strong social media presence, including a You Tube channel, and has published articles in numerous journals. She has been a regular speaker at the British Library, LSE and at conferences for the legal industry and entrepreneurs, and has written 2 books, Legally Branded and Intellectual Property Revolution, which focus on the impact of the internet on business IP.

Intangible assets are more important than ever to businesses, yet many entrepreneurs are unaware of the IP implications of their work or their brand creation. Drawing on her own marketing experience with Azrights and her extensive work with clients, Shireen created Brandtuned as a unique combination of branding and IP that helps businesses position themselves for the 21st century.

Shireen Smith

Founder of intellectual property law firm Azrights, and business adviser on branding and trademarks.

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