IP Rules was created by Shireen Smith, a business and intellectual property lawyer to provide online training in business and IP.

Having founded and run  Azrights, an IP law firm in London, Shireen saw a need for dedicated online training in IP to suit different client requirements.

Shireen has raised two daughters, holds a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property from London University’s Queen Mary and Westfield Commercial Law, and has written two books, Legally Branded in 2012, which explains the crucial role of IP and the law when branding a business, and Intellectual Property Revolution, in 2015 which emphasizes the importance of intellectual property in a digital economy.

Having built up Azrights from the ground up enables Shireen to understand the entrepreneurial journey, with its peaks and troughs.  Drawing on her experience of advising SMEs, the first course IP Rules is providing is on how to turn ideas into assets.   

Shireen also blogs at www.azrights.com– IP, IT, Commercial, Business and all things digital 


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