Brand Strategy – Why Every Business Needs One

brand strategy Oct 13, 2019

Brand is the most misunderstood word.  It’s among the words such as intellectual property, trade mark, business design and branding which impact important business issues that I deal with. Yet because the terminology is confused and confusing it’s difficult to communicate clear messages.

 Perhaps the huge failure rate of businesses has something to do with the fact that these words and their importance to business success are obscured by so much misinformation and so many myths.

These words carry connotations for people, that are often quite wrong. Therefore, their use has the potential to alter one’s message.

It’s bad enough that the word ‘branding’ for many people signifies logos and visual designs, but the fact that brand strategy also gets confused with visual identity and designs means that the whole discussion around brand and intangibles gets obscured.


Avoiding Use Of Certain Words

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