Why Is A Good Name Important to a Company?

names Oct 06, 2019

Names are one of the most important assets of a business because they are a container of its value as it grows – its brand equity.

Take the time to learn more about what’s involved when you’re creating an identity for your business because names play a central role to your business protection too. 

The first element of your brand identity to focus on is the name. While a logo is also an important component of your brand identity, you should separate the two steps. That’s because the help you need when you’re picking a name is quite different to the help you need when you’re having a logo designed for your business. For example, checking that you may lay claim to a name is something a trade mark lawyer who ‘gets’ branding is most suited to helping with.

Then once you have a good name and have worked out what you’re aiming to achieve with your business, you’ll be ready to get a designer to help you to create a fantastic...

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